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MRR – Monthly Revenue Rate. This is a metric that indicates the overall health of your app.
Adapty calculates MRR and other metrics with 99.5% accuracy, so you can develop your app on the basis of reliable data.


ARPPU stands for Average Revenue per Paying User.
Adapty not only tracks general ARPPU, but also the ARPPU broken down by the period of the subscription renewal. For example, you can compare the ARPPU of the just subscribed users with those who renew their subscriptions for the fourth time.

Active subscriptions

Active Subscriptions is the number of currently active subscriptions.
Adapty gives a clear vision of what the structure of your active subscriptions looks like. If most of the money comes from activations, then it’s possible that the acquired subscribers don’t pay off.

New Subscriptions

The amount of new subscribers is a way to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing activities.
In Adapty, you can see the dynamic of this metric in just one click.

Churn Rate

Churn Rate is the percent of lost subscribers. They might have voluntarily cancelled their subscription or had a billing issue which prevented auto-renewal.
With Adapty, you can easily keep an eye on the churn rate and see the percentage of every reason your subscribers leave.

Cancelled Subscriptions

A cancelled subscription means that your subscriber opt-out of the subscription. Usually, this is the main reason for the churn rate.
Adapty’s transparent analytics helps quickly notice if the rate of the cancelled subscriptions becomes critical, so you can take actions.

99.5% accuracy with App Store Connect

We take into account subscription renewals, different currencies, timezones, refunds, and more. All of this works on the user level and gives us 99.5% accuracy with App Store Connect.

Analyze subscriptions with Cohort Analysis

Understand how subscribers renew and churn, calculate subscribers' retention, and view dynamics for revenue and proceeds.

Advanced subscription analytics

Real-time subscription metrics

Optimize ad, traffic, and more with an instant subscription performance data.

iOS, Android, Web subscriptions in one place

Track subscription events across all platforms in one place.

Data filtering
Powerful filtering

Split metrics by attribution, platform, and more. Save filter for later usage.

User access level
User level analytics

Unlike App Store Connect, Adapty calculates analytics on the user level.

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