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Purchase SDK & A/B testing

Manage paywalls without
app releases using Adapty SDK

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Developer friendly SDK

Adapty provides server side receipt verification and A/B testing for in-app products without app releases. We hide a complex logic of subscription infrastructure behind a simple SDK.

Observer mode

Use as simple as a single line of code

Adapty.activate("PUBLIC_SDK_KEY", customerUserId: "YOUR_USER_ID")

1 line of code integration

Analyze & promote subscribers without changing you legacy subscription infrastructure.

Management mode

Only 5 SDK methods for full integration

// Make a purchase, Adapty handles the rest
Adapty.makePurchase(product: <product>, offerId: <offerid>) { (receipt, response, error) in
   if error == nil {
       // successful purchase

5 SDK methods to complete subscription infrastructure

With just five SDK methods get payments processing, purchases restoring and A/B tests solution.

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A/B tests

Test different products to find the most convertible plans for your audience. Configure different prices, trial periods, promo offers and more in Adapty without app releases.

Measure A/B tests

Using math and statistics Adapty precisely calculates your A/B test results.


Coming soon

Design paywalls and test them without app release thanks to Adapty. Match your design guidelines with customizable layouts, fonts, colors, texts and images.