Purchases SDK

Implement in-app purchases in minutes with no server code


In-app purchases start with Adapty SDK

SDK Scheme with Adapty

Choose SDK for your platform

Fast integration

Fast integration

It takes only a couple of hours for a junior developer to integrate Adapty SDK and don't care about purchases infrastructure anymore.

Sync subscribers across iOS, Android and Web

Adapty is your place of truth for syncing subscribers. For example, if a user buys a subscription on the Web, Adapty automatically unlocks access into the app.

Sync Subscribers

Migrate from your legacy solution

Transfer your subscribers' data and instantly get all historical information in Adapty, including:

  • Users and customers data
  • Subscription and purchases events
  • Analytics and metrics

Learn more in our guide on how to do it.

Adapty vs In-house solution

In-house solution

  • Develop server and a client side
  • Constant tech support
  • Tens of hundreds of side cases handling
  • Disattract your team from developing your product
  • High risk of breaking payments

Adapty Way

  • Just a couple SDK methods
  • 1 hour to integrate
  • Analytics, Integrations, Paywall A/B testing, Win-back campaigns

Want to try but not ready to commit yet?

We got it, check Observer mode that works in parallel with your existing solutions. And it's even easier to get started with.
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