Purchases SDK

Implement in-app purchases in minutes with no server code

Get the SDK for your platform

Sync subscribers across iOS, Android and Web

Adapty presents a convenient way to sync your subscribers.
Buying a subscription on the Web automatically unlocks access in the mobile app as well.

Migrate from your legacy solution

Transfer your subscribers' data and instantly get all historical information in Adapty, including:
  • Users and customers data
  • Subscription and purchases events
  • Analytics and metrics

Fast integration

It takes only a couple of hours for a junior developer to integrate the Adapty SDK and never care about purchases infrastructure anymore.

Adapty vs In-house solution

In-house solution

  • Need for developing the server and the client side
  • Constant tech support
  • Dozens of hundreds of side cases handling
  • Distrackting your team from developing your product
  • High risk of breaking payments

Adapty Way

  • Just a couple SDK methods
  • 1 hour to integrate
  • Analytics, integrations, paywall A/B testing, win-back campaigns

Want to try but not ready to commit yet?

We got it, check Observer mode that works in parallel with your existing solutions.
And it's even easier to get started with.
Read the Docs

Trusted reviews by our customers

Adapty helps our product VocApp optimise marketing campaigns. It helped cut down of CAC
5 star
Edward, CEO @VocApp
Very simple SDK and analytics dashboard that takes all the pain of developing and supporting in app purchases on iOS and Android. AB testing for subscriptions makes...
5 star
Vasily S, CEO
People at Adapty are always improving their product and are really passionate about helping subscription businesses thrive. They not only keep in touch with...
5 star
Sergey, Product Manager
Best in-class multiplatform in-app purchases solution. Most of all, I was impressed by the responsiveness of the Adapty team. They always listen to users' opinions and bring new features to the product on a regular basis.
4,5 star
Alex, CEO @AxeTop
Your assistant with in-app subscriptions: SDK, Client CRM, Analytics, Paywall a/b testing
4,5 star
Mike, Product Owner @Maximum Education
Great product and an amazing support team, which reacts quickly to all the features requested by my team. Some of the requested features are already implemented, some of them are in development.
5 star
Dzmitry B, Chief Technology Officer
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