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Adapty’s next round

Vitaly Davydov

Updated: December 9, 2023

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It’s Vitaly, a founder and CEO of Adapty.

We started Adapty in early 2020 with the mission to help app developers and marketers make profitable subscription apps. We bootstrapped with my partners, Kirill and Dima, and eventually raised a small pre-seed in late 2021.

Now I’m happy to announce the next step in our company – a full-size seed round led by Surface VC. Adapty is a team of 40 that’s still growing. Unlike other solutions on the market, we develop tools, such as paywall A/B testing, to help 3k apps of our clients grow subscriptions as easily as possible. We’ll invest the money from the round into helping app developers even more by introducing means for proper understanding of their future revenue and advancing their monetization model with the focus on the existing users.

Want to join us? Explore the job opportunities here.

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