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Adapty September Update: A/B Tests versions, Home, CSV Export

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Adapty September Update: A/B Tests versions, Home, CSV Export
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September was full of features and tweaks across the board, aiming to make your user experience with Adapty even better.

Menu UX and new Home

A whole new Home in Adapty! Now it serves as Quick start guide, helping you gain an insight on all major Adapty features. We’ll be developing Home further, bringing it to more of a dashboard-like section.

New menu tabs and SDK status

We’ve also improved side menu UX:
Dedicated A/B testing and Home tabs
SDK status icons in apps selection

S3 Export

For all backup-lovers here: you can now easily setup export of all your subscriptions data to Amazon S3. Your data is yours only!

You can configure S3 in Integrations

Only available on Pro plan. You can read about it further in docs: S3 Exports

Better A/B Tests versioning and UX

Thats a big one. We’ve streamlined versioning of A/B Tests with separate notes for each version, option to save changes in current version and handy dates everywhere.

Now you can save change of weights to current version

A/B Tests UX is better in every way, now with:
More horizontally compact tables. All you metrics now might even fit on one screen :)
Dates and notes to each version in metrics

CSV Export in Analytics

Button is right above the chart data

Yep, now you can easily export chart data. Oh and also we’ve made filters and cohorts slightly more convenient :)

Blog updates & podcasts

We’ve published two new episodes of the SubHub podcast:

1.  Podcast #6 with Olga and Vitaly Urban with great story of product market fit and bootstrapping in a very competitive market with impressive results of $250k revenue per month.
2. Podcast #7 with Evgeny Kuryshev from Mirror AI. We talked about Y Combinator, technology startups and monetization of stickers.

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— Adapty team ❤️

Nikita Maidanov
Nikita Maidanov
October 4, 2021