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Adapty December update

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Adapty December update
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It's a small visual update with tons under the hood.

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Subscription cohort analysis

Old, good, yours. Estimate subscription retention, stickiness and more.

Cohort View in Adapty dashboard
Sample Cohort view.

Check out Cohorts here.

Read how it works below.

Apple Small Business program

30% -> 15% Apple tax reduction for SMB members. If you're accepted, let us know so Adapty can correctly calculate Proceeds. Read below for more info.

<img src=“spacer.gif” alt=“”>
Open Settings and mark that you're accepted

New SDK method for visitors counts

Tell Adapty when exactly a user has seen a paywall with Adapty.logShowPaywall(paywall) method. Switch to it soon for a precise visitor calculation as the auto count will be deprecated soon.

Adapty now supports a range of mobile development frameworks: native iOS, native Android, Flutter, React Native, Unity. Each of them is 100% open-source without any hidden components.

How to use Adapty Cohorts?

It should be intuitive what Cohorts tell you, but you can find examples, cases and more in our doc.

How to count visitors in Adapty?

By default when calling getPaywalls() Adapty counts it as visitor even if a real user didn't see a payment screen. Turn off auto counter and use manual with Adapty.logShowPaywall(paywall) method. Read more in our repo.

How to activate Apple Small Business program?

Let Adapty know that Apple accepted you as a member of Small Business program.

With such information Adapty will correctly calculate Proceeds in Advanced Dashboard.

Easy with just one click. Open Settings and just tick the box.

<img src=“spacer.gif” alt=“”>
Activating Apple Small Business program

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Vitaly Davydov
Vitaly Davydov
January 11, 2021