Have a web app in addition to your mobile apps?

You probably know the pain of synchronizing subscribers among multiple platforms:

  1. Activating a subscription after a web payment.
  2. Having all analytics in one place.
  3. Supporting multiple payments systems.

Adapty helps with web purchases for mobile

Adapty API is simple and fast web API that works with any programming language and any payment provider.

Simply let Adapty know which user made a purchase or activated a subscription. When a user installs an application Adapty automatically grants an access level after a successful web payment.

Just 5 SDK methods to implement in-app purchases

How Adapty Works?


After installing SDK, Adapty collects users' transactions events and then:
1. Forward it to 3rd party services
2. Aggregate to Subscription Analytics

With SDK installation Price A/B testing for paywalls is unlocked as well as Win Back Campaigns.

We have nothing to hide — 100% open-source SDK

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