In-house development

It takes months to implement in-app purchases for Android. Connecting to RTDN, validating receipt, storing subscription and purchases data — all these requires deploying a client and a server side code.

Use Google Play Developer API for receipt validation. The two methods you need: Purchases.products: get and Purchases.subscriptions: get.

Purchases.products: get can be used to verify a non-auto-renewing product purchase, where Purchases.subscriptions: get is for verifying and re-verifying auto-renewing product subscriptions.

Find detailed instructions in our detailed guide.

Adapty way — in-app purchases in minutes

Adapty Android SDK is a simple, lightweight, native Google Play Billing Library wrapper. Adapty encapsulates a complex logic of in-app purchases into a simple wrapper.

Check how easy it's to plug-n-play with in-app subscriptions. Just 5 SDK methods are all you need to deploy IAPs and get subscription data from Google without coding.

Just 5 SDK methods to implement in-app purchases

How Adapty Works?


After installing SDK, Adapty collects users' transactions events and then:
1. Forward it to 3rd party services
2. Aggregate to Subscription Analytics

With SDK installation Price A/B testing for paywalls is unlocked as well as Win Back Campaigns.

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