Adapty — cheaper and faster than in-house development

Save months of development and get unique features with a one-stop SDK. Simply install Adapty SDK with 3 lines and no server code at all.Save months of development and get unique features with a one-stop SDK. Simply install Adapty SDK with 3 lines and no server code at all.
Real case:

We help our clients to unfold 3x revenue potential just by starting using Adapty

Adapty = RevenueCat + tools to help you more revenue

Adapty provides you with much flexible subscriptions SDK + no-code A/B testing for paywalls and paywall personalization tool.
Read a fair comparison by our client “RevenueCat vs. Adapty: What to choose”.

Powering over 2.000+ of apps

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Easy migration and fastest support

Move to Adapty seamless saving all your subscribers.
Learn how to move to Adapty when you use an in-house solution, RevenueCat, or other.
Contact us via Intercom and we'll assist you.

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Large volume? You're in good company.

Millions of subscribers rely on Adapty every month.


tracked users / monthly


tracked events / monthly


tracked revenue / monthly

Get more features at a more affordable price



Purchase SDK

+ 100% open source


Real time analytics

Only on Pro plan

Cohort analysis

Revenue, Subscribers, ARPPU from month Install, day, platform, country or product
Subscriptions and percents

Remotely configure paywall

No-code paywall and price A/B testing

Targeting, unlimited number of products, remote config for design paywall, A/B test analytics
No-code AB-testing by Experiments

Win back subscribers offers


$99/ month for first $10K MTR, after $7.99 per $1K MTR
1.2% of MTR / month


+23% average revenue increase in 2 months
$0 revenue increase

Start for free or choose a simple, pay-as-you-go pricing



/ month

continue with Free
  • Purchases SDK for all platforms
  • Subscription Analytics
  • Community & email support
  • $10k / month MTR included
    MTR is a monthly tracked revenue. It's the amount of revenue tracked by Adapty (in USD, and before the platform cut) during a one month billing period. This includes paid subscriptions, renewals, and one-time purchases.
    Free plan include $10k/month, switch to Pro upon excess.
  • 1 member (owner)




/ month
Most popular (↑23% app revenue)
Choose Pro
All in Free plan, and…
  • A/B testing & personalization for paywalls
  • Win back notifications
  • Postback Integrations
  • Realtime chat support
  • 3 members (owner and 2 seats)


Migrate the existing userbase, get SLA and custom contract

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All in Pro plan, plus…
  • Volume discounts
  • Personal onboarding
  • Dedicated support manager in Slack
  • Unlimited members

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Get more cost effective solution with fair pricing. Get tools that really grow your revenue with a single simple paid plan.

Quick start

Quick start

Firebase is cool, but it may be to... complicated. Integrating Adapty takes just 1h and 3 lines of coding.

Features for subs monetizing

Features for subs monetizing

IAP infrastructure is not the only feature of Adapty. A/B testing for paywalls, promo campaigns, CRM, integrations and more help you boost your app revenue.

Zero support cost

Zero support cost

Implementing in-app purchases is really super tricky. Tons of side cases so debugging and support is just a big pain. Adapty gives you 99.9% SLA rate for all API. Instantly.