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Learn how Adapty works with your data

Adapty can be used by EU and California companies, which means if you fall under GDPR and CCPA compliance requirements. In terms of managing the personal data and information of your app’s users, Adapty is considered a “processor”.
So, any personal user information you disclose to us, you, as the “controller” of your own application’s data, are responsible for disclosing that in your own privacy policy. For any questions about data requests, contact us at [email protected]


Neither Adapty Tech Inc. nor any of the team members will ever use the Adapty clients’ data to build a competitive app or to sell this data to 3rd parties.

Do you sell my app’s data?

We don’t. It just doesn’t make sense for us, as we can only grow when your app grows (according to our business model).

Who has access to my app’s data?

We have internal protection policy about access to the clients’ data. Only a couple of people have access to the production data including CTO.

Why can’t you spy on my app’s data and run a competitive app?

Neither Adapty Tech Inc. nor the team members who have access to the client’s data are involved in the developement of mobile apps. Adapty will never use your data to develop any 3rd-party apps, we have enough to do with our own business.

Where do you store data?

We use the top-1 cloud provider hosted in the US & EU regions.

How do you use the users’ data?

We use raw data to:

  1. Aggregate it into useful analytics
  2. Calculate metrics
  3. Measure A/B testing and Promo campaigns results
  4. Do an internal research

Which info do you collect and store?

Adapty SDK automatically collects some non-personal information about the user’s device, such as

  • IDFA and IDFV
  • Country
  • Device model
  • OS model

When the Adapty SDK is installed, we start collecting payment events about your users’ in-app purchases and subscriptions. Learn more about data here.

Can I delete my data from Adapty?

Yes. Make a request to [email protected] or via the website and we’ll delete all your data within 1 week.

Can I get a raw data export from you?

According to GDPR, you can get a raw technical export. However, we export analytical data only on the Pro+ plan.

Do you transfer data to 3rd-party services?

We use only necessary 3rd-party infrastructure tools such as cloud computing providers. We don’t sell or exchange your data with intelligence platforms.

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