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SocialKit doubled its MRR with A/B testing for paywalls

Results with Adapty

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MRR growth


Paywall A/B tests run

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Social Toolkit for Content Creators

SocialKit is an app studio focused on designing the next must-have apps for creators. By leveraging advanced video and photo processing technologies, such as real-time computer vision and machine learning, the Tel-Aviv-based team allows the Gen Z users to create head-turning content in seconds.

Value of data-driven decision-making

With tens of millions of downloads and a large portfolio of successful apps on the App Store, Roi and his team understand the value of data-driven decision-making.

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Roi Mulia,
Founder & CEO

We were looking for a better approach towards paywalls. We suspected a large portion of our potential users dropped right before making the final decision. We wanted to improve our chances. We’ve decided to integrate Adapty and use their advanced A/B testing they provide to improve our conversion rates on our paywall screens.

Adapty A/B testing doubled the monthly revenue

We’ve tested more than three hundred paywalls in the space of four months. Adapty allows testing basically any element of the paywall, and we took advantage of that. We’ve tested them all: products, title text, CTA buttons, images, videos etc.With Adapty’s A/B testing, we managed to double our monthly revenue. I wasn’t sure if one instrument could make such an impact, but I witnessed it myself.

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