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What are Trials in your mobile app?

Trials for a given period are the number of subscription activations with a free trial period.

Users can turn off subscription renew while being in a Trial. Technically they are still subscribers, but they won't convert to a paid customer. It's important to know how many users won't prolong trial as it affects your payroll for the next month.

How to calculate Trials?

Check App Store Connect / Google Play Console dashboard for a brief overview.

The best way to calculate Trials is to handle Apple/Google server2server notifications and build custom views.

How Adapty helps?

Adapty shows you:

  1. A number of Trial events.
  2. A number of active Trials for each day and given period.
  3. Breakdown for trials renew on/off statuses.

Get all this data for iOS and Android instant as soon as you install SDK.

Realtime subscription metrics for iOS and Android