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What is ARPPU in mobile subscriptions?

ARPPU stands for Average Revenue per Paying User. ARPPU is always higher than ARPU (average revenue per user) and usually represents how much revenue you get from a customer. It works best when you calculate it for long periods such as a year to normalize subscriptions of different durations. It's also useful to get ARPPU for each day to see a dynamics.

How to calculate ARPPU?

ARPPU is super easy to calculate:

  1. Get a Revenue for a given period.
  2. Get a unique number of users who paid you (Subscribers).
  3. Divide Revenue by Subscribers.

How Adapty helps?

With Adapty ARPPU is calculated automatically from raw transactions in addition to another subscription metrics. No server code required, works out of the box.

Realtime subscription metrics for iOS and Android