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Subscribers CRM

Understand your subscribers across multiple platforms

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Users profiles

Manage access level of each user in the app. With Adapty it's easy to grant subscription to a user

Set any attributes for a profile. Use them to create cohorts and forward to 3rd party analytics


Instantly get information about current user subscription state

Full list of events

Check the full history of users billing events including cancellations, issues, grace periods and more.

  • Auto renew on subscription
  • Auto renew off subscription
  • Auto renew on
  • Auto renew off
  • Entered grace period
  • Billing issue detected
  • Non subscription purchase
  • Trial cancelled
  • Trial converted
  • Trial started
  • Subscription cancelled
  • Subscription renewed
  • Subscription initial purchasew

Discover subscribers

Quickly find a user with any ID that you have