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Adapty vs AppsFlyer & Adjust

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Adapty’s advantages

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Paywall A/B testing

Remotely configure purchases. Test paywalls with targeting and get stats significant results without a line of code.


Advanced dashboard

Analytics for recurrent payments available right out of the box. Advanced filtering, cohort analysis, and more. With Adapty, it’s easier to answer why your subscribers act the way they do.



Webhook, Amplitude, Appsflyer, and more available with the Pro plan.


In-app purchases focus

All Adapty features are built with the focus on in-apps and subscriptions. Everything is measurable in $ or %

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Features for subs monetizing

IAP infrastructure is not the only feature of Adapty. A/B testing for paywalls, CRM, integrations, and more – all this will help you boost your app’s revenue.


Purchases SDK

No need to create your own server. Integrate in-app purchases and subscriptions with Adapty SDK.

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Quick start

Integrating Adapty takes just 1 hour and a few lines of code.

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5 out of 5 stars

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It is easy to integrate so our developers love it. It is intuitive to use for tests so our product manager loves it. It is transparent in analytics numbers so our analyst loves it. MUST HAVE TOOL


Arsen I.
Founder & CEO

People at Adapty are always improving their product and are really passionate about helping subscription businesses thrive. They not only keep in touch with…


Product Manager

It’s the best tool to optimize your paywall ever! Awesome integrations, great subscription management, powerful paywall a/b testing!

6331c134999f8b630f3c299c g2 avatar pavel y

Pavel Y.

Must have service for anyone who works with app subscriptions. A/B testing, analytic reports, cohort analysis, paywalls configuration tool…

6331bfbea48214d1db852169 g2 avatar alexander b

Alexander B.
Managing Partner

Adapty enormously decreases the complexity of IAP integration, especially in the case of a cross-platform (e.g., React Native) app, by providing clear and convenient data models…

63987ecf0e0b49c7d4075f6a tagir

Tagir N
React Native Developer

It is easy to integrate so our developers love it. It is intuitive to use for tests so our product manager loves it. It is transparent in analytics numbers so our analyst loves it. MUST HAVE TOOL

6331bef2a1449802d80e9172 g2 avatar arsen i

Arsen I.
Founder & CEO

Having struggled with Apple’s StoreKit APIs, it was such a joy to work with a framework that does all of the hard work for me…

6331bdfac290eee7303e8ff3 g2 avatar stewart l

Stewart L.
Software developer and YouTube content provider

I’ve integrated Adapty into my app with literally no effort. There is a documentation page that describes all the things you need to do, and after that, you’re done with the integration process. They have a very active community of mobile app developers..


Samet T

Best in-class multiplatform in-app purchases solution. Most of all, I was impressed by the responsiveness of the Adapty team. They always listen to users’ opinions and bring new features to the product on a regular basis.


CEO @AxeTop

Great product and an amazing support team, which reacts quickly to all the features requested by my team. Some of the requested features are already implemented, some of them are in development.

62ab7fe60097b51e7e7d6ba0 g2 avatar 2

Dzmitry B
Chief Technology Officer

A/B testing works great. It can be configured remotely without updating the app. Startup Friendly Pricing. Great developer and customer support.

6398831d8c5737e88c11c7f3 huseyin t

Hüseyin T.
Crew Member