Adapty vs Amplitude & Mixpanel

Real case:

We help our clients unfold 3x revenue potential just by starting using Adapty

Adapty = RevenueCat + tools to help you grow revenue

Adapty provides you with:
- Flexible subscription SDK
- No-code A/B testing for paywalls
- Paywall personalization tool

Read a fair comparison by our client “RevenueCat vs. Adapty: What to choose”.

Powering over 2.000 of apps

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Easy migration and fast support

Move to Adapty effortlessly with having no users left behind.
Learn how to move to Adapty when you use an in-house solution, RevenueCat, or other.
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We know how to handle huge numbers

Millions of subscribers use apps with Adapty every month.


tracked users / monthly


tracked events / monthly


tracked revenue / monthly

Get more features at a more affordable price



Purchase SDK

+ 100% open source


Real time analytics

Only on Pro plan

Cohort analysis

Revenue, Subscribers, ARPPU from month Install, day, platform, country or product
Subscriptions and percentage

Remotely configure paywall

No-code paywall and price A/B testing

Targeting, unlimited number of products, remote config for design paywall, A/B test analytics
No-code A/B testing by Experiments

Win back subscribers offers


$99/month for first $10K MTR, after  $7.99 per $1K MTR
1.2% of MTR/month


+23% average revenue increase in 2 months
$0 revenue increase

Start for free or choose simple, pay-as-you-go pricing



/ month

continue with Free
  • Purchases SDK for all platforms
  • Subscription Analytics
  • Community & email support
  • $10k / month MTR included
    MTR is a monthly tracked revenue. It's the amount of revenue tracked by Adapty (in USD, and before the platform cut) during a one month billing period. This includes paid subscriptions, renewals, and one-time purchases.
    Free plan include $10k/month, switch to Pro upon excess.
  • 1 member (owner)


/ month
Most popular (↑23% app revenue)
Choose Pro
All in Free plan, and…
  • A/B testing & personalization for paywalls
  • Postback Integrations
  • Realtime chat support
  • 3 members (owner and 2 seats)


Migrate the existing userbase, get SLA and custom contract
schedule a demo
All in Pro plan, plus…
  • Volume discounts
  • Personal onboarding
  • Dedicated support manager in Slack
  • Unlimited members

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Adapty's advantages

Paywall A/B testing

Paywall A/B testing

Remotely configure purchases. Test paywalls with targeting and get stats significant results without a line of code.

Advanced dashboard

Advanced dashboard

Analytics for recurrent payments available right out of the box. Advanced filtering, cohort analysis, and more. With Adapty, it's easier to answer why your subscribers act the way they do.

Discounts in notifications

Discounts in notifications

Send promotional campaigns via push notifications without coding. Convert freemium users to paid subscribers.



Webhook, Amplitude, Appsflyer, and more available with the Pro plan.

In-app purchases focus

In-app purchases focus

All Adapty features are specified for in-apps and subscriptions. Everything is measurable in $ or %.

Features for subs monetizing

Features for subs monetizing

IAP infrastructure is not the only feature of Adapty. A/B testing for paywalls, promo campaigns, CRM, integrations, and more – all this will help you boost your app's revenue.

Purchases SDK

Purchases SDK

Integrate in-app purchases and subscriptions with the Adapty SDK. Without coding, without your own server.

Quick start

Quick start

Firebase is cool, but it may be too... complicated. Integrating Adapty takes just 1 hour and 3 lines of coding.

Trusted reviews by our customers

Adapty helps our product VocApp optimise marketing campaigns. It helped cut down of CAC
5 star
Edward, CEO @VocApp
Very simple SDK and analytics dashboard that takes all the pain of developing and supporting in app purchases on iOS and Android. AB testing for subscriptions makes...
5 star
Vasily S, CEO
People at Adapty are always improving their product and are really passionate about helping subscription businesses thrive. They not only keep in touch with...
5 star
Sergey, Product Manager
Best in-class multiplatform in-app purchases solution. Most of all, I was impressed by the responsiveness of the Adapty team. They always listen to users' opinions and bring new features to the product on a regular basis.
4,5 star
Alex, CEO @AxeTop
Your assistant with in-app subscriptions: SDK, Client CRM, Analytics, Paywall a/b testing
4,5 star
Mike, Product Owner @Maximum Education
Great product and an amazing support team, which reacts quickly to all the features requested by my team. Some of the requested features are already implemented, some of them are in development.
5 star
Dzmitry B, Chief Technology Officer
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