Adapty vs Amplitude & Mixpanel

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What makes us different?

Adapty focuses on economy and revenue, while Amplitude is a service for product analytics.

Want a deeper comparison?



Purchase SDK

+ 100% open source


+ custom attributes

+ custom attributes



up to 10 on max plan

3rd party integrations

attribution unlocked on max plan only

Real time analytics


Remote paywall change


Paywall A/B testing

+ targeting + unlimited number of products

Winback subscribers


Cohort analysis



$99 + $5.99 for every 1K over $20K
OR Free up to $10K MRR

$499 + $4 for every 1K over $20K
OR $119 + $7 for every 1K (20K-50K MRR)
OR Free up to $10K MRR

And something more

Paywall A/B testing

Remotely configure purchases. Test paywalls with targeting and get stats significant results without a line of code.

Advanced dashboard

Analytics for recurrent payments available right out of the box. Advanced filtering, cohort analysis and more. With Adapty it's easier to answer WHY on what's going on with your subscribers.

Discounts in notifications

Send promotional campaigns via push notifications without coding. Convert freemium user to a paid subscribers.


Webhook, Amplitude, Appsflyer and more available right with a Pro plan.

In-app purchases focus

All Adapty features are specified for in-apps and subscriptions. Everything is measurable in $ or %.

Features for subs monetizing

IAP infrastructure is not the only feature of Adapty. A/B testing for paywalls, promo campaigns, CRM, integrations and more help you boost your app revenue.

Purchases SDK

Make in-app purchases and subscriptions with Adapty SDK. Without coding, without server.

Quick start

Firebase is cool, but it may be to... complicated. Integrating Adapty takes just 1h and 3 lines of coding.