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Adapty vs in-house development

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What makes us different?

Just to process in-app purchases & subscriptions in a right way you need at least 2 developers: iOS + backend. More likely, you also need DevOps engineer, Android developer and analysis. Spend up to 6 months to deploy it in production 😱 We don't think it sounds cool.

Development cost

Developers + analysis + server costs = over $5k month bill. Compare to our $99 month.

Implementation speed

Integrating Adapty takes only 5 SDK methods and usually takes less than a day. Much better that 6m development, right?

Zero support cost

Implementing in-app purchases is really super tricky. Tons of side cases so debugging and support is just a big pain. Adapty gives you 99.9% SLA rate for all API. Instantly.

Features for subs monetizing

IAP infrastructure is not the only feature of Adapty. A/B testing for paywalls, promo campaigns, CRM, integrations and more help you boost your app revenue.