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vs Firebase

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What makes us different?

Something that works for everything doesn't work for anything (c).
Our A/B tests specified for testing paywalls and onboarding. That's it. The point is it's really easy to run A/B test, but super hard to measure results and explain them. That's what we focus on.

In-app purchases focus

All Adapty features are specified for in-apps and subscriptions. Everything is measurable in $ or %.

Quick start

Firebase is cool, but it may be to... complicated. Integrating Adapty takes just 1h and 3 lines of coding.

Purchases SDK

Make in-app purchases and subscriptions with Adapty SDK. Without coding, without server.

A/B for paywalls

‍Configure paywalls remotely. Run and measure A/B tests without Excel

Advanced Dashboard

Analytics made for recurrent mobile payments. Answer "why", not "what" with our pro metrics. And yeah, cohort analysis available our of the box.

Promo Campaigns

Automate sending discounts via push notification. For example, convert freemium users to paid subscribers with ease.