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How top-1 educational service for exams in CIS uses Adapty to sync subscribers across iOS, Android, and Web

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About Maximum Education

Maximum Education is a #1 educational service for preparing pupils for national exams in English, Math, Biology, and other subjects. By combining new technologies with timeless rendez-vouz pedagogy methods, they have created an effective learning program and graduated more than 175,000 successful students. Maximum has been teaching school pupils since 2013 and as of today positioned 1st on the Russian EdTech market.

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Scaling to mobile paltforms

In 2020, it became apparent that Maximum can extend its presence to mobile, creating an app with independent price options available to anyone and not just to those enrolled in their primary web-based courses. Adapty has been an instrumental part of the company’s evolution in this field over the last several years, in large part by empowering teams to perform their own data analysis and A/B testing quickly.

At first, we launched with a subscription-based web version, but there were plenty requests to create a mobile one. So we’ve started building an app and encountered severe difficulties on the way in terms of working with Google Play and App Store mechanics. The necessity of validation, purchase synchronization, tracking of specific app events; all that became a major challenge.

Adapty checks every box need when working with mobile app

Maximum app operates on a subscription revenue model, offering one-month, 3-month and one-year subscriptions. They understand that having a great product is essential if they want users to continually renew their subscriptions. With this in mind, they’ve focused their product strategy on increasing customer lifetime value by offering a variety of learning engagements (videos, exercises, certifications) to help maintain recurring revenue.

So we’ve conducted a SaaS-market analysis and, after several tests, settled on Adapty. Adapty checks every box we need when working with mobile app subscriptions. Most importantly, Adapty provides the API required for web purchase synchronization. Adapty has also given us tools to adjust our prices with A/B testing and increased our win-back rate. In total, all of this contributed to our revenue growth of 37%.

Mikhail Zabelin, Head of Product

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